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Need paid phone tech support for a vehicle directly from Wright's Garage?

Call: 1-888-693-8437 ext. 05231384 M-F (8:00 am - 4:30 pm) Eastern


There is no fee to start using this feature. After you initially speak with us, if you feel that there is value in the technical information we can offer, then you may elect to move forward with our paid phone tech support.

Note: Wright's Garage uses a third-party service to arrange our tech support phone-ins but you will be able to speak directly with our ASE Certified - Master Automobile Technician when we are connected.
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Pennsylvania State Safety and Emissions Inspection
Oil Change (lube/oil/filter)
Replace Windshield Wipers
Battery Service (clean/seal terminals)
Charging System Test (load test/check alternator)
Install New Battery
Automatic Transmission Service (fluid/filter/gasket)
Cooling System Test (inspect coolant/pressure test)
Cooling System Service (drain/flush/fill)
A/C Services
Basic Tune-up (replace spark plugs)
Replace Ignition Wires
Replace Distributor Cap/Rotor (points, condenser)
Adjust Ignition Timing
Replace Air Filter
Replace Fuel Filter
Adjust Accessory Belt Tension
Replace Accessory Belt/Belts
Replace Timing Belt
Front Wheel Computer Alignment
Install New Tires
Tire Rotation
Computer Balance Tires
Service Front Brakes
Service Rear Brakes
Service Parking Brake
Diagnose Anti-lock Brake System
Diagnose Check Engine / Service Engine Light
Factory-Recommended Maintenance (based on mileage/months)
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